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Sundays – 9:00am – The Bible Study

Sundays – 5:00pm – The Battle Plan

Learn practical ways to fight back against the spiritual forces that impact your feelings, your family, your church and community.

Sundays – 5:00pm – Keep Your Love On

Learn how to improve the quality of your relationships in marriage, parenting, friendships, etc. through better communication and understanding.

Sundays – 7:00pm – Kingdom Foundations

10 messages from our own Pastor Todd on the foundations of the Kingdom of God and our walk in the Spirit. One message each week followed by live discussion.

what happens once i've completed hd?

4 key things will be discovered:

1. You will be equipped in your gifting and servanthood in the Church.

2. You will know and understand God’s word and grow in spiritual discernment.

3. You will understand the voice of God for yourself.

4. You will be an effective witness of the Gospel to others.

Are electives optional?

Upon joining Heartbeat Discipleship, we suggest that you choose 2 of the several electives we have to offer, but these electives are optional. 

What do I bring?


Something to take notes on!

Will there be childcare?

Yes, childcare will be available.



There is a fee for the individual classes offered in HD. This fee includes the cost of materials needed for each class.

is there an age requirement?

Heartbeat Discipleship is currently open to anyone over the age of 16.