We make decisions based on what we believe- But what if what we believe is actually a lie buried in our belief system? The outcome can be amazingly destructive in our lives. The enemy wants to hide lies in our belief system to keep us from all that God has for us. This book helps expose some of the common lies that we are told that we are tempted to believe. But once you know how to play your own game of hide and seek with the enemy, he will never again have a safe place to hide. And as a seeker, you will be empowered to make future decisions based on the light of the truth of God rather than on the hidden lies of satan.


Does he have a seminary degree? Has he pastored several churches? Does he have a loving family with believing children? Is he currently pastoring a large church? And has he sacrificed much for the cause of Christ? These are some of the questions people have asked about the author – and the answer to all of these questions is yes. But the bottom line is that Todd Mozingo is a spirit filled, apostolic teacher, who wants to see the church put the Word of God back together with the Spirit of God, so that the local church can be a powerful place for people to encounter the Living God for themselves.