Because we have a culture of inner and physical healing, starting in March, and continuing once a month, we will have Inner Healing Saturdays, where you can learn about inner healing for the soul, and receive one-on-one prayer ministry with a trained prayer minister from Revive.




Even when we come to Christ, we bring baggage from our past, and God wants to do a deeper work on our soul.  You may or may not be aware of bondages or oppression from your past, but you may feel that things aren’t ‘quite right’.  Following are a few of the symptoms one might feel to indicate the need for this healing:


// Do you feel like you have a dark cloud over your head?

// Maybe in the past you’ve opened yourself up to some negative influence and you want to shut the door to the enemy? 

// Do you feel like your spiritual growth has been hindered in some way? 

// Do you battle against guilt or shame, feelings of emptiness or worthlessness? 

// Do you struggle with frustration, anger or unforgiveness?

// Do you struggle with feelings of rejection or of being unloved or unwanted?  

// Have you attended an Inner Healing or Celebrate Recovery program only to feel these issues still linger?


Then come receive this Holy Spirit led and empowered ministry. We start with a 15-minute introduction and explanation of Inner Healing, followed by a private meeting with a trained prayer minister for a one hour healing session. You can get with Kimo or Nathalie Bethea if you have questions, or contact us here. Due to a limited number of prayer ministers available, please sign-up now to receive ministry this month or on an upcoming Inner Healing Saturday. We will keep everyone posted of the future dates for this ministry. Once you sign-up, we will notify you with the exact time and session of your appointment. 

Hang tight while we prepare your form...