Good Samaritan Ministries was founded through the inspiration and foresight of Pastor Vito Bitetto in 2012. While bringing the Good News of the Gospel to those incarcerated at the Port Saint Lucie Correctional Facility, Brother Vito, was being compelled by the Lord Jesus Christ to find a solution to the many men who did not have any place to go upon their release. The need for establishing a safe, Christian environment where men would be able to continue their discipleship in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as they integrated back to society became clearly evident.

Good Samaritan has established various, cost-effective services to be a blessing to the residents of our local community. From their Lawn Care Services to Moving and Cleaning Services and Handyman Services, Good Samaritan Ministries provides punctual, quality, low-cost essential services to those living in our community.

This program provides the skilled workers in our ministry with jobs to help restore them back to being productive members of society, while also helping to support the the outreach efforts of the ministry. The need for safe-housing and services in our community which serves to restore broken lives and families is great. Good Samaritan now have four homes for men and four homes for women and children.