In the land of Serbia (7 million people) where the less than 1% people are born again believers, throughout its long years of communism, wars, sanctions, unprecedented inflation and bombings that resulted in the difficult economic situation of people in Serbia, dissatisfaction, apathy and lack of truth. The traditional church gave it an adequate response that would change the state of people and the country of Serbia. We believe that God sends a response and help through His Church.

New Life in Christ Church arose in 2014 in Novi Sad, started by missionaries, Timothy and Radica Quackenbos and very quickly from the rented space, through support, comes into possession of a building which is a place of worship, words, prayers, comity and activities for the advancement of the kingdom of God.

Our vision is that, as the name itself says, we help people to:

-Discuss the new life that God offered to them through the gospel in his son Jesus Christ, as if in this new life, above all, they loved Jesus Christ and that from love for him they live their lives as his disciples,  contributing to the expansion of the Kingdom of God on earth through His personality, gifts, talents- growing in personal knowledge of God.