“This storm was not about the physical storm. It was about a spiritual storm and trusting the One who controls every storm. Always have peace that “I” “The Great I Am” is always in control. I am stirring things up in My church. There is a churning happening that will & is separating the sold out, yielded up church, from the compromised church. This storm in the spirit realm is one that has been building for a while. For too long My church has compromised truth to accommodate sin and programs. They have skirted issues of sin in hopes that the sin will just some how go away, and the church will not have to deal with it, or call it out to be dealt with. Just as this storm skirted along just off the shore, stirring hidden things up in the natural. This, I am doing also in the hidden places in the church. To strip away and expose the things that are being kept hidden in the body. I am calling out, stirring up, digging up, and awakening an uncompromising body. A body that is united in proclaiming My love and My heart. An uncompromising body that will be used to stir things up, to break down dividing walls of hate and separation. One who is not afraid to call sin and expose the lies of My enemy, and the churches enemy, so that it can be dealt with. An uncompromising church that will expose all that is evil that has tried to lay hold of My church, My children. Things that have been kept hidden behind a mask of acceptance. Trying so hard to prove they love, but missing it completely, because if they truly loved as I love, they would help their brothers and sister. If the church truly loved as I do, you would not compromise truth. There is a fresh wind, a rushing river, a cleansing oil, and a refiners fire coming to the church. Those who will no longer sit back and allow, nor follow in the footsteps of compromise, but a Church who will rise up, walk in My Spirit, My Truth, My calling, My joy, My peace and above all My love, that which sets men free.” That’s it.

God is calling us all out and into the river, His river. The river of Holy Spirit which flows from the Throne of God. No longer standing or sitting on the shore. But in it, into the deep. It is in the river that we learn to understand it. We learn to love it. We begin to understand how He flows and moves. We begin to see He moves, and the power behind His moving. In the river, we begin to see who, and what Holy Spirit is. We see and feel and understand, that He is the flowing river of God, free to move, free to flow. He desires for us to be happy in the river, to have fun in the river, to stay in the river, play in the river. Because in the river, there is freedom. Those once held captive, are set free. Those needing healing, healed. Those needing restoration, restored, refreshed, reconciled. There are no walls, no dams in The River. There is freedom. Uninhibited, dramatic, explosive, wild, total abandoned, crazy in love with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit worship. We need to trust His flowing.


Terry Lafferty

Prophetic Community

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