Learn more about the culture of healing at Revive Church.

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Because it’s Jesus' desire and delight to heal us, Revive Church has a culture of emotional and physical healing! We offer both teaching and prayer for healing and inner healing. God wants us healthy and restored!

At Revive, you will learn how God heals, how to care for your soul, and maintain your physical or emotional healing.

We have opportunities every month, and every service: 

  • Inner Healing Saturdays are on the third Saturday of every month. We have appointments starting at 9am where you will receive one-on-one prayer ministry with trained prayer ministers from Revive. You will also learn how to care for your soul and maintain your physical or emotional healing. 


  • Physical Healing Saturdays are on the fourth Saturday of every month. Starting at 9am you will receive teaching followed by prayer ministry with trained prayer ministers from Revive. You'll learn why healing is for today and how to maintain your healing.


  • Inner Healing Classes are available year-round through our Heartbeat Discipleship Program. Heartbeat is designed in 4 quarters and opens up for registrants every quarter. Once a quarter begins, the registration closes. Please view the link below to see when the next quarter of Heartbeat begins to sign-up for the next Inner Healing class. Even when we come to Christ, we bring baggage from our past, but God’s desire is freedom for us, and to do a deeper work in our soul. We may not be aware of bondages or oppression from our past, and may just feel that things ‘aren’t quite right’. If you experience one or more of the following symptoms, emotional healing may be for you: an addiction, consistent trigger, recurring compulsion, spiritual growth being hindered in some way, a door to the enemy needs to be shut; continuing battle with shame, guilt, emptiness, worthlessness, unforgiveness, frustration, anger, rejection, feeling unloved or unwanted, haunting or unresolved issue from the past, childhood or abusive issue, troubled feeling or a dark cloud needs lifting, feeling numb or unengaged.


  • We offer prayer at the altar during or after each service on Wednesdays and Sundays at Revive Church.