In the School of Ministry, the student will learn and grow in:

• The Revive DNA/Culture

• How to understand the spiritual realm

• How to view yourself

• The truth of the kingdom of God as told through Christ's parables

• What biblical leadership looks like

• What it means to follow leadership

• The pillars of a biblical marriage

• The significance of foundational concepts such as: water baptism, communion and salvation

• The differences between spiritual gifts, manifestations and ministries

• Divine physical healing

• How to minister to others

• Basic concepts of deliverance

They will be required to fulfill the following:

• Online class completion, including assignments

• Online discussions

• Two inner healing sessions

• Completion of Inner Healing class and Encounter class

(Revive members may have either/both requirements waived if they have completed these classes within two years of registration date)

• Requisite outside reading


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Note: We request that those who are applying for School of Ministry have at least 6 months of consistent attendance at Revive Church before applying.

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