The Heartbeat Discipleship Program is designed for you to not only know who we are as Revive Church, but for you to become a mature disciple in Christ.




Sundays – 5:30 PM – Old Testament Survey

“The Old Testament is the physical manifestation of the Spiritual realities of the New Testament” – Pastor Todd Mozingo. This course will provide a high-level tour of the whole Old Testament as God reveals Himself through the events and people whom He has called to bring His Kingdom into this world. God reveals His purpose in history to carve out “a people for His own possession out of all the peoples on Earth.” Deuteronomy  7:6; 1 Peter 2:9

Sundays – 7:00 PM – Kingdom Foundations (Missing Pieces)

Kingdom Foundations (Missing Pieces)Based on Pastor Todd’s messages on video and latest book, Missing Pieces, students will learn the foundations of the Christian faith in a new way few have experienced before. Pastor Todd’s messages will lead to new revelations of the Word and Spirit, of the Kingdom of God, of our Past and of the lies that we believe deep in our souls. We will learn about our own spirit, how we relate to the Holy Spirit and why walking in the Spirit requires transformation not just behavior modification. He will teach us how to take authority over spiritual forces and battle them for victory for our families, our church, and our world. Lastly, he will explain why baptism is critical to our obedience to Christ.

Sundays – 7:00 PM – Kingdom Parenting

Do you often feel overwhelmed and not equipped in raising your children? God’s Word and the Holy Spirit have much to say about this very intimate role and place of incredible purpose in the lives of parents and children. This video series explores those relationships and leads with humor and compassion to a place of wisdom and peace in raising godly children and dealing with the many personalities and challenges that come with it.

Each class is $20.00 per family and you can register today!

what happens once i've completed hd?

4 key things will be discovered:

1. You will be equipped in your gifting and servanthood in the Church.

2. You will know and understand God’s word and grow in spiritual discernment.

3. You will understand the voice of God for yourself.

4. You will be an effective witness of the Gospel to others.

What do I bring?

Something to take notes on!

Can I take more than one class?


You can take as many classes of HD as you please! Do keep in mind the start time of each class on the schedule as some classes begin at the same time.

Will there be childcare?

Yes, childcare will be available.



There is a fee for the individual classes offered in HD. This fee includes the cost of materials needed for each class. Payment is due upon arrival.

is there an age requirement?

Heartbeat Discipleship is currently open to anyone over the age of 16.