The Heartbeat Discipleship Program is designed for you to not only know who we are as Revive Church, but for you to become a mature disciple in Christ.




Heartbeat is a class series that runs for 12 weeks per quarter. Classes take place on Sunday nights.

Love & Respect Marriage Class | Sundays 5:30 PM

This course is for marriages. Not just those who are struggling or in a crisis, but for everyone who is married, has been married or is about to be married. It's time to stop the cycle of conflict, initiate God-driven change, and find the deeper passion that the Lord intends every marriage to have. It's time to know how to reflect Christ's marriage to His bride through our own earthly marriage! Cost is $20 per couple.

Encounter Discipleship | Sundays 7:00 PM

Encounter Discipleship is exactly that: encountering and activating in how to be a full disciple of Christ. This course establishes the necessity of spiritual formation, teaches true Biblical discipleship, helps develop a personal relationship with Jesus, teaches how to hear His voice, and leads you to obediently do the works He commissioned by the power of the Holy Spirit. Cost is $20.

Emotional/Inner Healing | Sundays 7:00 PM

Emotional/Inner Healing is devoted to partnering with Jesus to heal any issues, blockages, problems, scars and lies built up within us. This class will teach you four keys to hearing the voice of God better for yourself and others. You will learn what may be blocking your healing and the steps needed to break free, and you will learn how your belief system may be plaguing and defeating you. It's time to witness God heal not just our physical body, but our souls too! Join us to learn how this works and find healing in Jesus. Cost is $40.

what happens once i've completed hd?

4 key things will be discovered:

1. You will be equipped in your gifting and servanthood in the Church.

2. You will know and understand God’s word and grow in spiritual discernment.

3. You will understand the voice of God for yourself.

4. You will be an effective witness of the Gospel to others.

What do I bring?

Something to take notes on!

Can I take more than one class?


You can take as many classes of HD as you please! Do keep in mind the start time of each class on the schedule as some classes begin at the same time.

Will there be childcare?

Yes, childcare will be available.



There is a fee for the individual classes offered in HD. This fee includes the cost of materials needed for each class. Payment is due upon arrival.

is there an age requirement?

Heartbeat Discipleship is currently open to anyone over the age of 16.