The Heartbeat Discipleship Program is designed for you to not only know who we are as Revive Church, but for you to become a mature disciple in Christ.


We've created a collection of classes that you can take that will help grow and transform your personal and spiritual development.

Discover the upcoming classes and view the schedule:



  • The Encounter Class is exactly that: encountering and activating in how to be a full disciple of Christ. This course establishes the necessity of spiritual formation, teaches true Biblical discipleship, helps develop a personal relationship with Jesus, teaches how to hear His voice, and leads you to obediently do the works He commissioned by the power of the Holy Spirit. Cost is $15 per person.

  • Emotional/Inner Healing is devoted to partnering with Jesus to heal any issues, blockages, problems, scars and lies built up within us. This class will teach you four keys to hearing the voice of God better for yourself and others. You will learn what may be blocking your healing and the steps needed to break free, and you will learn how your belief system may be plaguing and defeating you. It's time to witness God heal not just our physical body, but our souls too! Join us to learn how this works and find healing in Jesus. Cost is $20.

  • No matter your relationship status, learning the fundamentals of a Godly marriage is vital to a healthy understanding of what God intended marriage to be. In Love and Respect, you will learn how the unique and wonderful differences in women and men are meant to compliment and support each other. Each of us have needs, strengths and weaknesses, and it's time to grow in knowing how to love your wife, or respect your husband. Taking this class will revolutionize your understanding of what it takes to have a deep and beautiful marriage, and if you've taken the class before, it will renew your devotion to your current or future spouse! Cost is $15 per person/couple.

  • Is it time for you to learn more about your prophetic gifting? Are you ready to go beyond the basics and grow in giving a prophetic word, hearing the voice of the Lord for the church and others, and moving forward in what He's called you to? Then this class is your next step. Revive's Prophetic class has been built just for you, and will give you the tools necessary to prophesy with discernment, wisdom and the power of the Holy Spirit. Cost is $20.

  • The time has come to explore, understand and apply sound financial principles to your life. Whether you are doing well financially or struggling, it’s time to understand the rules that have saved countless families, let alone thousands of marriages. The best part of Revive’s Financial Foundations Class— it’s not expensive! The money you save from taking Financial Foundations compared to other courses will be directly applied towards a new financial future; one in which each person can use their resources freely for the kingdom of God.  Cost is $10 per person.

  • Take a journey through the Old Testament with insight, revelation and depth. You'll have materials that guide you through the stories of the Old Testament, and come away with a clear, well-established picture of the entire first half of the Bible. Whether you're a brand new Christian, or a seasoned believer, this is your chance to learn more about the Scriptures that pointed to and were fulfilled by Jesus Christ. Cost is $25 per person or $30 per married couple.

  • We all desire a deeper communion with God, and our prayer life is directly correlated to our spiritual life. When we are fervent, active and passionate in our prayer, our walk is faithful and full with the Lord. This class will give every disciple the tools, direction, and training to become more powerful and effective in their prayer life, and to witness the absolutely life-changing nature of a prayerful life. Come alongside fellow Revive members and go deeper with a fundamental piece of the christian walk. Cost is $10.

  • Every parent feels like there should have been a manual with their kids. Unfortunately, God didn't make it that way. However, He did give us amazing resources to learn, grow and find practical, applicable steps to raising our children to be Godly adults.Those resources? Each other. Explore the fundamentals, beliefs, methods and tips to foster a unified, Spirit-filled home, by drawing from videos, gathering together, supporting each other, and basing it all on biblical principles. Cost is $15 per person or $20 per married couple.

  • If we don't know our own nation's foundational history, how can we really know what our God-given liberties are and how they're defended by us? This class, taught by the authors of the "Live. Liberated. Constitution Course" will give you all the tools necessary to understand your role in government, the government's own responsibilities, and how the church has the duty to influence our nation. Mike Sonneveldt and Massey Campos have studied all of this and more for years, in order to bring the history of our founding to life! Join God-Given Liberty, and know that you'll come out ready to not only understand our nation, but inspired to get involved! Cost of materials is $20.

what happens once i've completed a class?

4 key things will be discovered:

1. You will be equipped in your gifting and servanthood in the Church.

2. You will know and understand God’s word and grow in spiritual discernment.

3. You will understand the voice of God for yourself.

4. You will be an effective witness of the Gospel to others.


All classes begin at 5PM.

Can I take more than one class?


You can take as many classes of HD as you please! But, you can only participate in one class per quarter since all classes begin at the same time.

is there childcare?

Yes, childcare will be available. Be sure to arrive before your class begins to drop off your child.



There is a fee for the individual classes offered in HD. This fee includes the cost of materials needed for each class. Payment will be received during Revive services or at the start date of Heartbeat.

is there an age requirement?

Heartbeat Discipleship is currently open to anyone over the age of 16.



Heartbeat classes run for about 8 weeks. There are various classes available each quarter throughout the year.