February 3, 2019 | Prophetic Community

––  I saw these factories that were as far as the eye could see.  Tall roofs, stainless steel everywhere.  Rows and rows of small children, on elevated conveyor belts. At the end of the factory line there was a woman in a knee length skirt and 50’s style blouse with the hair and pearls to match. They patted the children on the back as they came off the conveyor belt and said “Good job, You’re so important, you’re the best.” At the end of the conveyor belt the children choose the next belt. Boys stepped on one and they were instantly dressed in a little league uniform, the girls conveyor belts were instantly dressed in ballerina outfits. At the end of this conveyer belt the coaches and instructors were at the end. They patted the kids on the back and handed them a trophy “Good job, you’re the best they said.” The next conveyer belt was merging, the children were now young adult men and women, college age – mid 20s and they got on the conveyor belt as couples. Some were in wedding attire, others were in plain clothes.  But they talked to each other.  They said, “we’re doing good, we’re smarter, what we do is ok, no matter what, we’re the best.” All of the sudden the women became pregnant, there seemed to be an attitude of conflict rather than joy. At the end of the conveyor belt, it was hideous, the women gave birth, but tossed the babies off the conveyor belt to the floor of the factory.  The couples then instantly chose another conveyor belt. Some belts saw the couples instantly dressed in a business suit with briefcases, others instantly dressed in outdoor gear with travel backpacks on, others were glitzy party dresses and suits. The conveyer continued and as the couples were together the women became pregnant and discarded their babies at the end of each conveyor belt. Every conveyor belt, the couples however grew further apart. Finally, the last conveyer belt I saw, each of the couples start to divide. They appeared to be in their mid to late 30s. The couples split up choosing different conveyor belts, but the conveyor belts were labeled the same. Depression. The men now had remote controls or video game controllers, they were pushing buttons and looked like they were playing video games or watching tv without even looking at any screen. The women were drinking wine, and or pulling pills out of their pockets and crying, weeping.

The Lord spoke to me and said “this generation has been taught a false sense of self love, and not My love. They have been told they have accomplished much, without doing any of the work. They’ve been given trophies without striving for greatness. Is it any wonder they don’t recognize the true blessings of God? The blessings of God arrive and they are aborted, and sacrificed on the altar of self love. If it is true that “Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friend.” How wicked is this generation? God says the fathers and mothers of this generation have cared about their children’s feelings, more than God's Love and His Word. I want to return the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the children to the fathers.  Pray for fathers, pray for the mothers. It’s time to step up! Speak My truth and speak My Love. For I wish to move on the hearts of this generation in a powerful way. Teach them my word, teach them my love, teach them my standards, teach them the Truth! This spirit of self love and self worship MUST be confronted. The evil that is abortion MUST be stopped. The divided mind in the church MUST be stopped. The communion with evil MUST be brought to its end. Pray for the church to arise and stay the hand of judgment for I long to show mercy.


Jared Engskow